“A Scout is Loyal: A Scout is loyal to those to whom loyalty is due” ~The Boy Scout
Handbook, 12th Edition.

To be loyal means a Scouts stands steadfast in doing what is right even when it is difficult.
Loyalty is a trait that is tested often and can also be easily misunderstood.

Pretend for a moment that you have a friend who has stolen something and asked you to keep
it a secret. He may even tell you: “As a Scout and a loyal friend, you have to keep this a
secret”. This is not true loyalty, and in fact your Scout handbook points out that being loyal
means giving loyalty where it is due. A friend who asks you to keep a secret or to lie about
wrongdoing is not worthy of loyalty. A Scout who keeps this kind of secret damages his own
honor and becomes a party to the theft.

A better example of demonstrating loyalty would be to defend a friend when you hear others
speaking badly about him. If you hear others joking and laughing about a friend, the loyal
thing to do is to stand up and defend the absent friend. This is a friend who is worthy of your loyalty. Defending a friend against other friends can be one of the most difficult and unpopular ways to be loyal.

A Scout should also be loyal to his Scout leaders. When a trip is chosen by the troop, a loyal Scout will help, participate and promote the plans of the troop even when they are not his choice. He will continue to follow his elected scout leaders until he can position himself as a
troop leader and help to make the changes he wants to see.

Finally, a loyal Scout will follow the laws of his Country (more on this when we talk about
being obedient). In the same way that he follows the decisions of his troop, he must be loyal
to the laws of the country, state, city, school, home and others in authority over him.

By being loyal to the ideals of Scouting (The Scout oath and Law), a Scout will naturally be
loyal to those around him. He will understand that blind loyalty is not appropriate. A Scout
should not jeopardize his own honor for the sake of being loyal. A Scout knows that loyalty
founded on truth, compassion and honor is true loyalty.

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