Troop Policies

The following is an abbreviated summary of our troop policies. It  is not intended to be a comprehensive list, just some highlights. These policies are intended to make Scouting safe and fun for everyone.

Trip Signup

Scouts sign up for trips. The cut-off for trip signup is generally 2 weeks prior to the trip. If you sign up for the trip, you are committed to the cost (unless there are unforeseen circumstances).

Cell Phone Usage

Cell phone usage is limited to Scouts who are Star rank or above, and subject to respectful usage (no calls / texts / games, respect lights out, etc) and other policy created by your PLC.


Hammock usage is subject to the Troop policy and requires a tag be hung on your hammock. See Mr. Schmidt on a Monday night for the policy and to get your tag.

Partial Trip attendance

If you cannot make the full weekend trip, you must either travel with the Troop on Friday to camp, or travel with the Troop to the Church on Sunday (no coming for just Saturday). This policy is intended to provide flexibility to Scouts with outside commitments, and yet allow the ‘work’ of camping (setup, tear down, cooking, etc.) be shared equitably.

Merit Badges and Meetings

If you need to meet with a Merit Badge Counselor, do so before or after the Monday meeting (or another time), but Scout meetings are NOT for individual Merit Badge work. Be sure to make proper arrangement with your MBC to meet (don’t assume they will be there).

Plan ahead for SMC and BOR

If you are ready for a Scoutmaster Conference, please schedule a time with the Scoutmaster. Plan to have your SMC at least one week prior to a BOR. Up to First Class, Scoutmaster Conference can happen with any ASM.

Trip arrival / departure

Meet at the church at 5:30, depart promptly at 6:00. Return Sunday at 1:30, dismiss NO LATER THAN 2:00. Parents should plan to be at the church by 1:30 on Sunday. If these dates / times are changed for an individual trip, we will communicate to the Troop. If we will be very late or very early on Sunday, ASMs will pass around cell phones for boys to call home.