Scoutmaster Corner

This month’s method of Scouting to explore is Personal Growth. First a quick reminder, The Aims of Scouting are: Character development, citizenship training, and personal fitness. These are our goals as Scout leaders. The Methods of Scouting are how we accomplish these goals. Over the past year, I have written about seven of the eight methods of Scouting and
how I see them being put in practice in Troop 204.

Boys experience personal growth in Scouts in many ways. By planning and executing their own meetings and activities, they grow in experience and leadership. The religious emblems program (God and Me, God and Church, etc) allow Scouts to grow in their faith. Setting and achieving goals for rank advancement, merit badges, and leadership positions allows boys to
grow and develop character and integrity.

As boys progress through ranks, the concept of living daily by the Scout oath and Scout law become second nature. So too does the practice of the daily good turn which above all offers the most practical way for boys to experience personal growth as they learn to prioritize their
lives putting God & Country first, others before themselves, and to grow in body, mind and soul (physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight).

As adult leaders, our goal is to have frequent touch points with Scouts via the Scoutmaster conference as well as informal meetings. In these meetings, we check in with Scouts on how they are doing at setting and meeting their personal Scouting goals. Boys who set and achieve goals, practice the daily good turn, pursue religious emblems and plan and execute their own activities will experience the kind of personal growth that leads to character development, citizenship training, and personal fitness. For a select few, this “game with a purpose” will lead to the rank of Eagle Scout.

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