Like many points of the Scout Law, an increase in the level of kindness in the world could have a significant impact. You don’t have to look far to see stories of people taking advantage of the weak, the poor and the elderly. A desire to find a resolution to a difficult problem through kindness would certainly be seen as something different and something better.

Begin to practice kindness in your own home. This may be the most difficult environment for kindness. The close proximity and the large amounts of time spent with family can make it difficult to constantly be showing kindness. In contrast, you may find it easy to be kind to classmates, teammates, or fellow Scouts. When the level of contact with people is relatively low, it is easier to be kind. Less personal contact means it is easier to overlook differences. As a Scout, you need to make the effort to show kindness to all people, and hopefully you will find that the kindness is returned.

Kindness to animals may not show a direct return of kindness, but it is still just as important. Think of this as a kindness not just to nature, but also to the people who will come days or even generations after you and still be able to witness the beauty of creation.

I’m sure you have heard of the Random Act of Kindness. These can be small things like offering to carry in the groceries; or they can be big things like offering to mow your neighbors yard — Just Because. Practice random acts of kindness in your daily life. In all likelihood, you will find kindness returned to you, but at the least, people will notice that there is something markedly different about you. You are a Scout.
— William Schmidt, Scoutmaster – Troop 204

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