A Reminder About Camping Signups and Payment

With so many new scouts, it is a good time to review details about camping sign-ups, payments and deposits.

It is your son’s responsibility to sign up for all trips. The deadline is generally two Mondays before the trip. The deadline is marked on the sign-up sheet.

It is also your son’s responsibility to remove his name from the camping sign-up if he cannot attend a trip for which he has previously signed-up for. If it is after the sign-up deadline, he should speak to the ASM in charge of the trip to make sure it isn’t too late to cancel. If a Scout does not remove his name from the camping sign-up sheet in time, he will be expected to pay for the trip, whether he attends or not.

Trip deposits are made once all payments are received. To expedite the process of getting deposits completed (and checks cashed) in a timely manner, please keep the following suggestions in mind:

  • Please make sure that your son pays for his trip no later than the meeting prior to the trip.
  • If paying by scout account, please make sure there is enough money in the account to cover the trip.
  • If paying by check, please indicate scout name(s) and outing date(s) on the memo line. If paying for multiple scouts and/or multiple outings, writing one check is fine. Please note there are times when deposits cannot be made for a number of weeks; if this is problematic please consider paying for camping trips in cash.
  • If paying by cash, please try to have exact change. I don’t have extra change available and it is not possible in all cases to make change from cash on hand.
  • Payment for food (commonly referred to as Grub Money by the scouts) must be paid in cash to the Grub Master for the scout’s patrol. This payment is usually made the Monday before the trip.
  • Please try to have exact change as the Grub Master might not be able to make change. Grub
    money can not be deducted from a scout account.

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