Beads Program

You receive special recognition when you participate in the Troop camping program. For each night of
camping, you are given a flat plastic “washer” to be worn on a leather belt totem. The color of the
washer indicates the weather conditions during 24 hours of camping that include that night. The colors
are as follows:

Black rain
Green fair
Blue below 32 degrees
White snow
Red above 90 degrees
Tan indoor overnight and no weather discomfort during the day
Yellow day trip, e.g. hike

In addition to these “washers”, you are given colored, round plastic beads for participating in special

events. The colors are the following:

Yellow camporee
Red summer camp
Green backpacking
Blue water activity
White Order of the Arrow activity

In addition to the “washers” and beads, you are given other recognition as follows:

  • Orange star for participating in an annual daytime Troop activity (e.g. Scout Sunday or Mall Expo).
  • Purple star for participating in a nighttime Troop activity (e.g. midnight bowling).
  • Blue star for participating in other daytime Troop activity (e.g. car wash).
  • Black bear claw if you complete (as a participant or staff member) a Troop-sponsored Junior Leader Training course.
  • White eagle claw if you complete (as a participant or a staff member) a District or Council sponsored training course, such as Council Junior Leader Training or Bear Claw.
  • Item chosen ad-hoc by you and the other participants if you go to Philmont Scout Ranch, Sea Base, or National Jamboree.
  • Boot if you hike 10 miles or more on one outing.